About us

KikamoraCrafts - what You can find here?

After almost 2 years of selling on different online selling venues, Kikamoracrafts is getting its' own home - www.kikamoracrafts.com

You will find handmade and commercial craft supplies for different projects here. Either You do crafts for fun or You make things to sell, this is right place for You!

KikamoraCrafts offers wide selection of crocheted beads and appliques, as well as natural wood beads, BPA free silicone beads for nursing necklaces, cotton thread and many more supplies.

Also You can find selection of ready-made products - nursing necklaces, crocheted jewelry, wood jewelry, hair accessories, doll clothing and accessories.

I'm still looking for the best look for the website, so it's "work in progress" - while everything functions right, design could change until it wil look "yay, that's it!" for me.

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Playing with colors

Do You want to hear ar story? Long time ago there was a girl. She liked to crochet and knit, but teachers and parents told her - You don't have talent in crafts. You have different talents, lets work with them. Leave crafts, You are not good enough. And girl believed them - after all, You have to believe Your parents and teachers, they know better, don't they? Anyway, time went by, girl grew up and almost forgot, that she liked crafts. She got job, then another job - interesting, but not craft related. And then she decided to quit. She had her reasons. So she got unemployed and had to decide, what to do next. And instead of looking for another job, she got this crazy idea - crafts! She is adult, she doesn't have to listen to anyone anymore. So why no try? And that's how it started...
At first it was ebay - I didn't make much, but I learned to make my stuff, to take pictures,  to price it, to sell it. A year later I got dayjob again (it was too difficult for me not to ;listen to "You can;'t do this, You can's make living with this, You have to have "real" job"...). But after 1,5 years I understood, that I want back my crafts! So I quit my day job (again) and opened shop on Etsy.
Now it's more than 2 years and I was ready for the next step - my own website.
So, about my "crafts".
I play with colors and stitches. I don't have patterns for my appliques. It is all in my head.
I see "trendy" pastel shades (dirty white, gray, dirty light blue, dirty gray etc.) every day and it makes me feel "gray" myself. Believe or not, but it's so hard to buy something not "gray"... So my appliques are my way to make things more colorful.
Mostly I work with cotton Turkish and Egyptian mercerized "perle" cotton thread. It's soft and silky. But if needed I can work also with other yarns - both natural and syntethic.
I can't buy my yarns "in bulk" (too expensive and I would not have place to keep them), so every week I go to "yarn treasure hunt" - there are 4 or five different yarn stores (small ones) to visit. Sellers in these stores already know me - we are like good friends ;) And that's great - they know, that I'm looking for, so, if there is something new, they always tell me and sometimes give me nice discount :)
For my crocheted beads I use natural wood beads - they are not polished or varnished - it's just pure wood shape.
Each bead, applique and doll clothing piece is made by my hands - stitch by stitch. Crocheting is quite time consuming. For example, I can make ~6-8 beads per hour (or 4-5 appliques).