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  1. Valentine day is coming and You could definitely use some of those cute heart appliques, right? Either for some scrapbooking project, or for Valentine day garland... 

    Well, You can either buy trese hearts or make them. If You decide to make them,  here is tutorial of very simple heart applique - simple, but still great looking.

    By the way - if You want buy them - I have some in my shop! Take a look!

    Here are few samples of different size hearts:

    hearts-2i  Crocheted hearts  Crocheted hearts 2 colours  il_570xn.707842398_brte

    As you can see, You can use different yarns, crochet threads and even use 2 different colors in one heart.

    Notes about this tutorial
    You will need a little bit of yarn or crochet thread and crochet hook.
    For this tutorial I used 2,5 mm crochet hook and 4-ply mercerized cotton yarn. Heart applique made of this yarn measures ~ 4 cm (1,6") in width and ~ 3,5 cm (1,4") in height. But You can also use other yarns and threads.

    Used stitches:
    ch - chain
    sc - single crochet
    dc - double crochet
    tr - triple crochet
    ss - slip stitch

    So, lets start!

    Step 1 - chain

    Step 1

    Chain 5
    (or even better - use "magic loop" - if You are crocheter, You know, what is it. If not - here is great video tutorial: . If You use magic loop, skip step 2 of this tutorial)

    Step 2 - make ring

    Step 2

    With slip stitch make ring (if You use "magic loop", skip this step)

    Step 3 - round 1

    Step 3 - round 1

    Note: All stitches of this round You make in the ring.

    Chain 1; 1x single crochet, 1 x double crochet, 1 x triple crochet, 3 x double crochet, 1 x chain, 1 x triple crochet, 1 x chain, 3 x double crochet, 1 x triple crochet, 1 x double crochet, 1 x single crochet.

    Well, if You have good imagination this already starts to look like heart. Now we will give  this applique shape of heart.

    Step 4 - round 2

    Step 4 - round 2

    [2x single crochet in the next chain]; repeat [..] 3 more times; 1 x single crochet in next 3 chains; 3x single crochet in next chain, 1 x single crochet in next 3 chains; [2x single crochet in the next chain]; repeat [..] 3 more times; slip stitch in the ring. Fasten off and weave in ends.

    You have made crochet heart!


  2. Buy yarns in rigaFrom the moment I started to crochet, I started also yarn hunting. Everywhere I went I looked for yarn shops. And there a problem appeared - if you go to other country, it's not so easy to find yarn shops - even Internet can't help sometimes. So I decided to make a list of my favorite yarn shops in Riga - for those, who come to Riga and want to do some yarn shopping. I hope this list will be helpful. All these shops are located more or less in the center of the city (walking distance). These are not only yarn shops in Riga or even only ones  in the center of the city - it's just my favorite shops I visit regulary :)
    With green color I checked addresses, that are not in the city center, but they are easy to reach by public transport.
    So... here we go!

    Yarn and craft shop "Kumodē"
    Shopping center "Galerija Centrs", Audeju iela 16, Riga (Old Riga), entrance from Kaleju street.
    Shopping center "Origo", Stacijas laukums 2, (Central Railway Station), 2nd floor.
    Shopping center "Spice Home", Lielirbes 29, 1st floor.
    Shopping center "Alfa", Brīvības gatve 372, 1st floor.


    There are few of these shops in Riga - they all are located in the shopping malls. You can buy not only yarns and needles here, but also cross-stiching kits and threads (they have quite wide assortement of these), buttons, zippers, some assortiment of beads, ribbons... The shops are not too large, but they have all essential things, that crafter could need. As for yarns - they offer mainly yarns from Turkey - both natural (cotton, bamboo, wool) and syntetic (acryl and different blends). These yarns are not too expensive and are great quality. Also there are wool yarn, made in Latvia available.

    By the way, if you happen to visit this shop in Old Riga, look at the badge of the shop girl - if it says "Laura" - say hi to ME :) I work there few days a month.

    Yarn shop "Filati"
    Zirgu 6 (Old Riga)
    Matisa 6, 2nd floor


    I know 2 of these shops - one of them is located in Old Riga, other - a bit away, but still in the center (I haven't been to second one. Their speciality is yarns and knitting accessories. They have nice assortiment of natural yarns (cotton, wool, linen) and also a bit of acrylic yarns and different blends. Most yarns come from Italy and Germany.

    Yarn shop "Adele"
    Miera 43


    Specializes mostly on yarns from Italy. They have really wide selection of natural yarns and also knitting and crocheting accessories.

    Craft shop "Elize"
    Stabu 35


    This shop is located in 2 floors - 1st floor is fabric shop and basement is yarn and crafts paradise. Yarns are mostly from Turkey and have nice variety and friendly prices. Also they have variety of jewelry findings.

    Yarn shop "Dzijas"
    Merkela 1 (across the street of the Riga Circus, close to Central Railway station).

    This small shop is located very close to Railway station. It's in the basement. The shop itself more looks like a tiny warehouse (yarns in the shelves, yarns in the bags, yarns everywhere... It's like treasure hunting there. And there are treasures to find - wool, cotton, linen... From different countries, in different price categories... My favorite there are cotton threads from Russia.
    They don't accept cards, only cash, and they are closed on weekends and Mondays.

    Here is a MAP :) for all these shops. If You know other yarn shops You would like to see in this list - let me know, I'll add them!


  3. On holidays I was at my parents' house. My Mom is amazing gardener and she has beautiful flowers in her garden. So I took some pictures and now I'm trying to make color palettes from those pictures. Here is the first of them (but definitely not the last):



    Aren't these lilies beautiful? I'm thinking of making bead set in these colors...

    Green pepper


    Earthy tones and spicy green...