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  1. Handmade crocheted beads

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    What are they made of?

    Crocheted beads are made of wood beads, which are covered with thread. Wood beads I use for my crocheted beads, are unfinished, don't contain any chemicals, are not painted or covered with varnish. For crocheting I use mostly 100% cotton thread, but I work also with other natural yarns (for example, linen, bamboo) and syntethic yarns (acrylic).

    beads-6b  + yarn-2c il_570xn.494046329_4o9x

    unfinished wood beads               100% cotton thread            crocheted beads

    What size are they?

    I can make different sizes of crocheted beads - starting from really small - 11mm and up to... well largest wood bead I have is 30mm in diameter. Most popular sizes, however, are 16mm, 18mm and 20mm. 

    crocheted beads in different sizes

    Different bead sizes (smallest bead - 11mm, largest - 27 mm)

    What colors are they?

    There are more than 70 different color options for beads, that are made of cotton thread. For acrylic and other yarn types I don't have too much color options right now, but I know, where to get them, if needed :) 

    Crocheted beads available colors        Crocheted beads available colors

    Available colors


    Where can You use them?

    Crocheted beads are wonderful source for different jewelry projects.
    Most popular is teething or nursing necklaces - if You are Mom, You definitely know, how hard it is to wear any jewelry, when You are with baby - they love to touch everything, chew everything, play with everything. So nursing necklaces are great accessories for Moms - they looks wonderful and are safe for babies to chew, to play with - also they are easy to clean. And they are made of.... You are absolutely right - they are made of crocheted beads and plain wood beads. Also teethers and rattle toys can be made using crocheted beads - they are made of natural materials and are safe for babies to chew.

                  Nursing necklace with crocheted beadsRainbow teething necklaceNursing necklace with silicone and crocheted beads

    Different nursing necklaces with crocheted beads, wood beads and silicone chewing beads.

    But, of course, these crocheted beads can be used also in other jewelry pieces - simple earrings will add special touch to Your look, bracelet will look very cool, too. Or necklace...

                        Crocheted necklaceCrocheted earringsCrocheted bracelet

    Crocheted necklace, earrings (for non pierced ears) and bracelet.

    Where can You get them?

    You can get them here: Crocheted beads