Crocheted leaves - DIY photo tutorial

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This tutorial is for very simple (and very cute) crocheted leaf - it takes only few minutes to make one.
You will need small amount of yarn and crochet hook. Size of yarn and hook is not so important - You can make tiny leaves for scrapbooking by using crochet thread or You can use bulky yarn to make larger leaf for embellishing clothes...

Chrochet leaves - tutorial

1. Chain 10.

2. Slip stitch in the 2nd chain from the hook.

3. 1x single stitch.

4. 1x double stitch.

5. 3x treble stitches.

6. 1x double stitch.

. 1x single stitch.

7. 1x slip stitch.

The one side of the leaf is now ready. Let's do the other side.

8. Chain 2

9. Slip stitch in the 3rd chain from the hook (also it's the 1st chain of the leaf).

10. 1x single stitch.

11. 1x double stitch.

12. 3x treble stitches.

13. 1x double stitch.

14. 1x single stitch.

15. 1x slip stitch.

Now the leaf is ready. If You don't need stem for it, fasten off and weave in ends.

If You need stem, continue:

16. Chain 5

17. 5 slip stitches.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

(if You need longer stem, just increase number of chains)

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